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School of Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences

The disciplines of education, psychology, and sociology comprise the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Education. Psychology and sociology share a common focus—human behavior.  While each discipline examines human behavior from different perspectives, together they answer the questions that many of us ask about thoughts, actions, and interactions.  Both emphasize the scientific method in answering these questions. Our special education major applies many of the perspectives of these disciplines to an important social institution and to the students the educational institution serves. The teacher certification program allows students interested in elementary or secondary education to pursue a major in a specific academic discipline and to meet the requirements necessary to become an enthusiastic and well-trained teacher.

To prospective students, we welcome you to explore the course offerings in the disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education. We believe that as majors in our department, you will find an endearing and enduring academic home. To current students, we advise you to make the most of resources contained in these pages to ensure your academic journey will be successful.

The faculty in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Education, as professors and advisors, look forward to meeting each of you and to assisting you to fulfill your career ambition. Together we will engage in activities and learning experiences that will provide you with the critical knowledge and skills needed to propel you toward your academic, professional, and service goals.


Reavis L. Mitchell, Jr. D.A.
Professor of History
Department of History and Political Science
Dean of School Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences

Office: 102 Park Johnson Hall
Phone: 615 329-8669

Assistant for the School:

Cristina Buliga