Special Education

Special Education

The philosophy of the special education program reflects the belief that all students are unique, differing from one another intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically, and can learn in the least restrictive environment in accordance with special education rules, regulations, and guidelines, the program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in special education or licensure in special education. The program is designed with a focus on urban education to prepare teachers, supervisors, and support staff.

The program goals are to:

•Prepare teachers, supervisors, and supportive staff, to develop and implement an integrated curriculum in the regular classroom;
•Serve as a consultant to regular classroom teachers of various disciplines and grade levels;
•Provide additional instruction in resource rooms or other settings.

DEPARTMENT CHAIR Dr. Marcia J. Millet, Associate Provost for Faculty Initiatives Department Chair of Education/Professor of Education

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Academic Disciplines

Our academic disciplines allow you to specialize your focus to one area of interest. They are a part of your transition into higher education which involves being aware that each discipline is a distinct discourse community with specific vocabularies, styles, and modes of communication.