Elected Studies

The "Elected Studies" major option is available, in addition to the prescribed major fields, so that students may propose an individually designed major not regularly offered at Fisk. This option is intended for students who have clearly developed educational aims and find the usual range of available major fields inappropriate to those aims. Such students may propose individually designed majors by submitting, at least four semesters prior to the anticipated graduation date, a proposal to their faculty academic advisors. The faculty academic advisor refers the proposal to the appropriate department chairs for review. Department Chairs may request more information and/or interview students as necessary. Department Chairs will forward all approved proposals to the Dean of the appropriate School for acceptance. The Dean may in turn request more information and/or interview students as necessary. Successful proposals are forwarded to the Provost or his/her representative for final approval. Such proposal becomes the basis for a contract between the student and the University and binding on both student and institution, unless modified by subsequent written agreement. Duplicates will be filed in the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Provost.
Learning Outcomes
Students completing the Elected Studies program will be able to:
1. Draw on more than one disciplinary perspective in approaching their chosen area of study.

2. Recognize and articulate meaningful questions in the chosen area of study.

3. Communicate effectively with diverse audiences concerning their areas of emphasis; and,

4. Apply knowledge and skills within their course of study to current challenges facing individuals, communities, and societies.


Chair's Welcome Statement

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