School of Humanities
& Behavioral Social Sciences

Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences is comprised of Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, History, English, Arts, and Languages. These disciplines are full of professionally accomplished and engaged professors who will provide you with a rigorous education and nurturing environment. Students will graduate with skills that allow them to problem solve and generate solutions for a brighter future. Working with faculty across the university, every department engages students to develop an understanding of global, social and cultural issues and to inspire each student to become an active participant in society.

DEPARTMENT CHAIR Dr. Shirley Rainey-Brown, Ph.D. Dean of School Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences

Chair's Welcome Statement

Welcome to the School of Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences (SHBSS). We are happy that you are reviewing the various outstanding academic programs. The School of Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences is comprised of the following bachelor’s degree programs.
• Arts and Languages (Chair, Dr. Holly Hamby)
• Criminal Justice— offered on main campus and Clarksville campus (Chair, Dani Smith)
• English (Chair, Dr. Holly Hamby)
• History (Chair, Dr. Jennifer Adebanjo)
• Homeland Security— offered on Clarksville’s campus_ (Dr. Dani Smith)
• Political Science (Chair, Dr. Jennifer Adebanjo)
• Psychology (Chair, Dr. Dani Smith)
• Sociology (Dr. Dani Smith)
• Education (Dr. Keno Worthy)
Under each of these academic programs, we also have Discipline Coordinators who job is to assist the chair of each area in carrying out departmental requirements. These academic disciplines all share a common focus- studying human behavior from difference perspectives.
We invite you to explore our academic program offerings as you decide on choosing an area to major in. You will have an advisor assigned to you that will guide you through your matriculation process here at Fisk University. It is our desire that you will engage in the learning experience that will prepare you will the skills to become scholars and leaders both nationally and globally.