Department of
Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences

The disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice, and Homeland Security comprise the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Students in a behavioral science bachelor's program learn the methodologies that are needed to observe behavior and gather information, as well as the science required to analyze their findings. They use critical-thinking skills to examine the interaction of humans and determine how culture and society influence people's behavior. Students also learn how to apply behavioral science theories to real life settings.

The faculty in the Department of Behavioral Sciences, as professors and advisors, look forward to meeting each of you and assisting you to fulfill your career ambition. Together we will engage in activities and learning experiences that will provide you with the critical knowledge and skills needed to propel you toward your academic, professional, and service goals.

DEPARTMENT CHAIR Dani A. Smith, Ph.D. Department of Behavioral Sciences and Education, Professor of Social Sciences

Chair's Welcome Statement

To prospective students, we welcome you to explore the course offerings in the disciplines of sociology, psychology, and education. We believe that as majors in our department, you will find an endearing and enduring academic home. To current students, we advise you to make the most of resources contained in these pages to ensure your academic journey will be successful.

Academic Disciplines

Our academic disciplines allow you to specialize your focus to one area of interest. They are a part of your transition into higher education which involves being aware that each discipline is a distinct discourse community with specific vocabularies, styles, and modes of communication.