Office of Career Planning and Development

Fisk has placed a strategic focus on the Office of Career Planning and Development. As a University, we recognize that college represents a tremendous investment of time and resources and that our student rely on us to deliver outstanding opportunities. In a time of record student debt, Universities should provide a significant return on investment and by extension, help students realize their future goals. Here at Fisk, we take this charge extremely seriously as evidenced by our partnerships, internships, and placements. This dedication to outcomes and deliverables is spearheaded by the Office of Career Planning and Development. We encourage you to visit the Office of Career Planning and Development and begin your journey from good to great today!

Mission: The Office of Career Planning and Development seeks to aid students in achieving their desired career goals by providing services that encourage professional development.

Purpose: Our office helps students build on their academic experiences by providing timely, practical, and customized career information. We strive to motivate students and ensure that they possess skills that will allow them to remain marketable and competitive in the workplace.

Development Programs

The Office of Career Planning and Development hosts several programs and provides the following services and recruitment opportunities:

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Our Partnerships

Fisk University partners receive additional benefits and services to increase visibility and build brand recognition on campus. They also work strategically with the OCPD Team to maximize their recruitment efforts. Partner gifts support the development of career development training programs and services. Many employers say, “Your students are some of the most prepared students that we see.” That is one of many reasons why Fisk University continues to be a top recruiting school for many of our partners.

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Our Internships

Fisk students secure internships across the country with a variety of industry partners. To learn more about our partner internship opportunities, please visit the link below.

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We are excited about the opportunities that our Fiskites receive as they transition to “life after college”.

The Office of Career Planning and Development conducts surveys to track internships, full-time and graduate school placements. We would like to highlight some of the businesses where are students work and some of the excellent graduate school programs they have been accepted in.