University Bulletins

All institution-wide policies and procedures guiding the academic programs offered through the Fisk University are available in one of two places: (1) the official student handbook (2) in the University Bulletin.

The University Bulletin provides important information on student government, academic and student support services, technology support services, available health services, financial aid, emergency procedures, institution-wide policies and procedures of particular relevance for students, rights and responsibilities of students, the Student Code of Conduct, the judicial system governing student actions, and a summary of a variety of organizations and opportunities for students.  Policies and procedures governing academic, faculty and student affairs are available at the website provided above and are updated routinely.

Students are strongly encouraged to review the information provided in the University Bulletin, upon acceptance into Fisk University. In addition, students are encouraged to review the following policies as they directly relate to successful progression and completion of the degree programs offered at Fisk University.

If you are looking for an older University Bulletin, which is not posted here, please complete the Bullein Request Form, and email your form to the Office of the Registrar, .


Credit Hour Policy