The cafeteria style CORE curriculum will be chosen from one of the courses in each of the following groups, A - E.

Group A (Choose one of the following)

ART 291 African- American Art
ART 292 African Art
ENG 275 African-American Literature
HIS 180 African History
HIS 270 African-American History
MUS 200 World Music
MUS 206 Crosscurrents in African and African-American Music

Group B (Choose one of the following)

CORE 132 Mathematics II, 3 cr.
BAD 200 Applied Calculus for Business and Economics
BAD 260 Applied Statistics
MATH 125 Discrete Mathematics
NSCI 360 Statistics
SSCI 280 Statistics for the Social Science Research

Group C (Choose one of the following)

CORE 220 Creative Arts, 3 cr.
MUS 207 20th Century Music
MUS 208 History of Jazz
ART 207 Arts and Ideas I
ART 208 Arts and Ideas II
MUS 205 Music in America

Group D (Choose CORE 240 or any two science disciplines from the list below)

CORE 240 Natural Science or,
BIOL101, 101L General Biology and General Biology Lab
CHEM 113, 103L General Chemistry and Experiments in General Chemistry
PHYS 130,130L University Physics and University Physics Lab

Group E (Choose one of the following)

ECON 230 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 240 Principles of Macroeconomics
HIS 160 United States History
PSCI 122 American Political Systems
PSY 180 General Psychology
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology

Total hours required for graduation: 120 cr.