Business Administration
(Non-Concentration) Requirements

Non-Concentration Course Descriptions

BAD 200, APPLIED CALCULUS [4 credits]
This course includes basic concepts of differential and integral calculus, with emphasis on the application of calculus in solving business, management, and economic problems. Prerequisite: Completion of Pre- Calculus mathematics.

This course identifies the legal and ethical environments in which businesses function. Topics include the nature, sources, functions, and processes of law and legal reasoning relating to contracts; agency and torts; government regulations and administrative law; and ethical business conduct as it relates to employees and customers in varied business environments.

This course explores basic business communication principles and how these principles are applied to prepare letters, memoranda, oral and written presentations and reports. Prerequisites: CORE 150, and one of the following –ENG 275, African-American Literature, HIS 270, African-American History, or HIS 180, African History.

This course familiarizes the student with the application of descriptive and inferential statistical analysis to business, management, and economic problems. Topics include tabular and graphical methods, measures of location and dispersion, probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling and sampling distributions, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, simple linear regression, correlation, comparison of two populations, and time series analysis. Prerequisite: MATH 101.

BAD 320, MARKETING [3 credits]
This course introduces marketing concepts and functions in profit and non-profit organizations. Internal and external variables related to product design, markets, life cycles, pricing, distributions and promotion are addressed. Prerequisite: ECON 230.

Topics included in the seminar are review of organizational theories and issues in human resource management. The work experience requirement may be satisfied during the semester or with full-time employment during a summer prior to the semester in which the course is to be taken. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

BAD 490, BUSINESS POLICY [3 credits]
This course is a capstone course designed to integrate the principles and practices of management from all functional areas and to develop capabilities in formulating, analyzing, and implementing strategies used in the management of organizations. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

Major Requirements

Financial Economics Concentration (24 credits):

Course Number

Course Name

ECON 330

Managerial Economics

ECON 340

Macroeconomic Analysis

FIN 330

Corporate Financial Management

FIN 370

Investments: Analysis and Mgt.

Plus two from any emphasis:

Economic Emphasis

Course Number

Course Name

ECON 350

International Economics

ECON 370

Introduction to Econometrics

ECON 400

Topics in Economics

ECON 450

Economics of Development

MGT 350

International Business

Finance Emphasis

Course Number

Course Name

FIN 310 or ACC 310

Financial Stat. Analysis

FIN 350

Financial Markets

FIN 410

Intl. Financial Management

FIN 420

Financial Inst. Management

MGT 350

International Business

Major Requirements (40 Credits):

Course Number

Course Name

ACC 230

Principles of Accounting I

ACC 240

Principles of Accounting II

BAD 110 or CSCI 100

Business Information Systems or Introduction to Computing

CSCI 100

Introduction to Computing

BAD 220

Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

BAD 250

Business Communications

BAD 320


BAD 399

Internship Seminar

BAD 490

Business Policy

ECON 230

Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 240

Principles of Macroeconomics

FIN 320

Business Finance

MGT 280

Management Principles and Practice

MGT 330

Production Operations Management

General Electives (5 credits)

Required Cognates (8 Credits):

Choose One

Course Number

Course Name

BAD 260

Applied Statistics

SSCI 280

Methods & Statistics for Social Research

NSCI 360


Choose One

Course Number

Course Name

BAD 200

Applied Calculus for Business and Economics or

MATH 120

Calculus I

Major Map