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Fisk University Dining Services Employment Opportunities

Working for Dining Services is more than just dish room work! Positions are now available for cashiers, catering staff, convenience store help and much more. We offer a competitive wage with an opportunity to receive pay increase each semester you return.

All students employees receive:

  • A free meal for every shift worked 
  • Schedules designed around your academic commitments 
  • Opportunities to socialize and meet new people 
  • Convenient on-campus work locations

Student Bonus Program

This is yet another benefit for working for Dining Services. Students will receive a $.25 per hour bonus for each hour worked during the semester, and there is no limit as to the total amount of bonus that students can receive. Students must work a minimum of 10 weeks to be eligible for the bonus program. The bonus will be paid out on the first pay period following the end of the semester.

Apply Now

If you are interested in obtaining a job in the Dining Hall, please call us at 615-329-8783.