Tuition and Fees for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

You may also download a version of the schedule of charges for the Academic Year of 2015-2016.

Undergraduate Student Fees

Tuition (12-18 semester hours)$9,812 $19,624
Per hour rate (less than 12 hours or more than 18 hours)$817
Room Double Occupancy$2,934 $5,868
Room Single Occupancy$4,494 $8,988
Board$2,204 $4,408
Recurring Fees (details below)$826 $1,652

Graduate Students Fees

Tuition (9-15 semester hours)$9,819 $19,638
Per hour rate (less than 9 hours or more than 15 hours)$1,091
Room Double Occupancy$2,934 $5,868
Room Single Occupancy$4,494 $8,988
Recurring Fees (details below)$826 $1,652

Recurring Fee Details

Activity Fee$410 $820
Technology Fee$223 $446
Cultural Enrichment Fee$83 $166
Health Services Fee$55 $110
Testing Fee$55 $110

Freshman Fees and New Student Fees

Matriculation and Orientation Fees$435
Enrollment Fee (U.S. Students)$100
Enrollment Fee (International Students)$700
Room Security Deposit$100

Other Fees/Charges Assessed

Application Fee$25/$50
Room Reservation Fee Annual$100
Credit by Examination Fee (per exam plus class tuition)$210
Parking Permit $75
Graduation Fee$350
Science Lab Fee (per course)$60
Auditing Fee (per hour)$100
Diploma Reorder Fee$55
Late Registration Fee$125
Lost Student ID (per occurrence)$50
Lost Key Charge (per key)$100
Music Fee Group Instruction (1 50 Min. Class/Week)$110
Music Fee Group Instruction (2 50 Min. Class/Week)$135
Music Fee Private Instruction (125 Min. Lesson/Week)$135
Music Fee Private Instruction (1 50 Min. Lesson/Week)$165
Music Fee Private Instruction (2- 25 Min. Lesson/Week)$165
Reinstatement Charge (per occurrence)$105
Student Teaching Fee
Thesis Fee
Official Transcript Fee (per transcript - pickup or mailed)$5
Unofficial Transcript Fee (per transcript faxed)$7
Unofficial Transcript Fee (per transcript pickup only)$3