Fisk University Supports the City of Nashville During EF-2 Tornado

As many of you are aware, Nashville and surrounding areas were hit with a devastating series of storms that spawned tornadoes last night and early this morning. News stories are continuing to cover the significant damage the storm has caused. Fortunately, the campus of Fisk University sustained minimal impact as only the power went out, a fence went down, and the grounds were littered with debris from surrounding areas. Our on-campus staff and security did an excellent job immediately implementing our emergency protocols by moving our students to safe locations in preparation of the dangerous weather. We are very fortunate the university was on Spring Break for this calamity, thus, most of our students were away. No one was injured and the campus buildings were not damaged.

Our home of North Nashville was not so fortunate as homes and businesses were ravaged and razed. The total damage in Nashville and Davidson County, Putnam County, Wilson County, and the surrounding areas is even greater. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families who were more greatly impacted. Some families lost parts of or their entire homes, and some lost what cannot be replaced, loved ones. The scene while driving and walking through North Nashville is pretty surreal; numerous homes and buildings were decimated by the weather. We have been in contact with other members of the higher education community in the city to extend our assistance.

We are monitoring the electrical power updates and the developing conversation surrounding the restoration of the city.

Nashville is a resilient city; we will rebound and thrive.

All my best,


Kevin Rome, Sr., Ph.D

President, Fisk Universit