Fisk University Offers the “Finish with Fisk” Program for Students Interested in Returning to Finish their Incomplete Degrees

Since 2019 Fisk University has been offering degree programs for students who have an interest in finishing their incomplete degrees. Fisk wants to provide students at any age or level of completion an opportunity to receive their degree. The “Finish with Fisk” program offers two degree paths for potential students; The Reconnect Program and the Partway Home Programwhich, are based on the level of degree completion the returning students are entering with.

Fisk University President Dr. Vann Newkirk, Sr. said, “There can be many reasons why a student is unable to complete their degree, but we want to be able to offer concrete solutions to those problems and help provide our students with the tools they need to complete their unfinished degree. Fisk University is passionately committed to our students’ success and that includes all students, both past and present and with the “Fisk with Fisk” program we can provide the opportunity for our students to return to finish what they started.”

The Reconnect Program is designed for students with 40- 89 earned credits who attended Fisk University but who did not finish. The second program is designed for students who have 90+ earned credits but have not yet graduated. The programs also offer access to on campus counseling, tutorial and financial assistance, and degree planning to make sure students are provided with as much support as possible. Fisk understands that many students who have incomplete degrees have financial balances that may have kept them from completing their degree so, to better assist with this Fisk has established a financial counseling program in which these students can make payment arrangements that best fit their situations.

The program has been in place since 2019 and has seen many successful students return to complete their degree at Fisk. For more information about The Reconnect Program or the Partway Home Program contact Dr. Kenneth Jones at (615)- 329- 8681/ or Dr. Earl Lattimore at / 615-329-8736