Fisk University Brings Starbucks to Campus

Fisk University is excited to announce the addition of a Starbucks coffee to the campus as a part of the University’s efforts to enhance the Fisk student experience and campus life. The café will be located in the John Hope and Aurelia E. Franklin Library and will serve assorted coffee and tea beverages as well as pastries.

“Fisk University has made massive strides in the past few years to enhance the campus life at Fisk,” said Fisk University President Dr. Vann Newkirk. “The addition of a Starbucks on campus is a big win not only for our students and Fisk community, but it will also provide a new space for the local community as well.”

The addition of Starbucks comes alongside numerous campus updates like the new fitness center, Esports Arena, and the Roland Parrish Career Center.

“Students are excited for the changes coming to Fisk, and this Starbucks on campus is just the beginning of a new era for the University,” said Fisk University SGA President Saraya Ashley. “Students appreciate the efforts being made by the University to address our desires which, is vital as the institution continues to make strides. Fisk can go nowhere but up.”

The Starbucks is expected be completed by early Spring of 2022.