Special Circumstances

2023-2024 Special Circumstances/Appeal Process

During the course of the year, a family may experience circumstances such as unemployment, death, separation and/or divorce, unusual medical expenses not covered by insurance, etc., that may have a significant impact on their ability to finance college costs.  Often - this information was not able to be reported on the initial 2023-24 FAFSA application.

These cases are often grounds for a review/revisit of the financial aid applicant's aid eligibility. The procedure for filing an appeal due to severe income and/or other changes within a family is as follows:

  1. The initial 2023-24 FAFSA/Renewal FAFSA using prior-prior 2021 calendar year income has been filed by the family and the resulting Student Aid Report (SAR) has been received by the student.
  2. The projected 2023 calendar year family income has been reduced due to unemployment, death, separation, divorce, etc.
  3. Complete and submit the Special Circumstances application via the link below to the Financial Aid Office and any additional documentation that supports your appeal claim.
  4. The appeal is evaluated by the Financial Aid Office and aid eligibility is recalculated if possible.
  5. A response regarding the appeal determination is sent to the student.