Resumption of Normal Operation Fall 2021


Since March 2020, much has changed as a result of COVID 19. However, Fisk University has fared well during this tumultuous period because of extraordinary measures taken by the University’s administration. These measures included reopening campus with strict public health protocols, such as preventive testing and social distancing. In large part due to these efforts, during the Fall semester of 2020 the University only experienced 11 cases of COVID on campus. Hence, our system worked.

We are now planning for what will be a more normal fall semester in which all members of the community (students, faculty, and staff) who wished to be vaccinated will be vaccinated. Consequently, most classes offered by the University will be held in a traditional face-to-face format. Students residing on campus will once more stay in double occupancy rooms. We are also assuming that the diminished presence of COVID worldwide will allow for the resumption of international travel and the more routine issuance of student visas so that international students may return safely.

However, the administration of the University realizes that COVID still remains a threat; hence in the foreseeable future the wearing of masks and social distancing protocols will remain.


Dr. Vann Newkirk, Sr.