Fisk University Launches 4-Year Graduation Pledge with Bonus Master’s Degree


This week Fisk university announced a 4-year graduation pledge that includes a bonus Master’s degree at a discounted price. Students in the program are required to follow the University’s “Roadmap to Success” that breaks out each year’s requirements to graduate in 4 years. On top of the 4-year graduation pledge Fisk is offering students who participate in this program, and meet the GPA requirement automatic admission into one of four Master’s programs; Social Justice, Psychology, Healthcare Management, and upon SACSCOC approval Executive Leadership.

“It is incumbent upon universities to deliver unprecedented outcomes and to prepare students in the most dynamic and effective way,” said Fisk President Dr. Vann Newkirk, Sr. “The Fisk Four-Ever program allows students to stay on track with their matriculation and is a perfect opportunity for students who are looking for a competitive edge at an affordable rate.”

The Four-year Graduation pledge is outlined in the University’s Roadmap to Success which details step the by step requirements necessary to finish in four years. The roadmap includes consistent support from the university and numerous check-ins with academic advisors to ensure students can stay on track.

“This program reflects Fisk University’s unparalleled commitment to students’ success, and we recognize that this commitment extends far beyond the traditional four years on campus.” Said Executive Vice President Dr. Jens Frederiksen

The Fisk Four-Ever Graduation Pledge includes a bonus Master’s degree in order to further expand upon our commitment to delivering the highest return on investment. Once a student has completed their 4 years with the minimum required GPA they are automatically admitted into one of 4 Master’s programs. The Master’s degree will be half-price for students participating in the graduation pledge.


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