Steven Damo, PhD


Research in the Damo lab employs the methods of structural biology to inform questions of biomedical relevance. A diverse array of physical chemistry experimental approaches are utilized including x-ray diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and computational modeling to characterize protein–protein and protein–ligand interactions. Current areas of investigation include calcium signal transduction, DNA recognition by transcription factors, and the role of transition metals in virulence. These programs in basic science research have broad implications for problems of global health concern such as cancer, diabetes, immune and inflammatory disorders, and antibiotic resistance. Undergraduate and graduate trainees obtain an education and skill set suitable for careers in academic research, pharmaceutical industry, and biomedical health professions.

Dr Damo’s teaching efforts include Physical Chemistry I and II and Inorganic Chemistry for undergraduate students and upper level graduate/introductory graduate courses in Biophysical Chemistry. Also, Dr Damo serves as co-facilitator for Professional Skills for Graduate Study.

Additionally, Dr Damo serves as the Associate Director of the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC- hotlink) Program at Fisk University , a program funded by the NIH to provide tuition and stipend support to assure that undergraduates interested in obtaining a PhD and ultimately engaging in a career in biomedical research have the academic support and opportunities for academic year and summer research that assures their successful entry into the PhD-granting program of their choice.


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Steven Damo, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

PhD in Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
BS in Chemistry, New York University

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