Patricia Wingfield McCarroll


Patricia McCarroll is an honors graduate of the 1969 graduating class of Pearl High School, Nashville, TN. She pursued her undergraduate training at Fisk University, graduating with Latin honors and a degree in Biology. She later earned a Master’s Degree in Biology from Tennessee State University and she has completed coursework toward the  doctoral degree in Plant Science at Alabama A and M State University. She has been employed in the  Biology Department at Fisk University for the past  thirty-eight years, four years as lab curator and the remainder as lecturer. She has also served as the coordinator of General Education (Core Curriculum) at Fisk University for the past fifteen years. Since 1992, she has coordinated summer programs for incoming freshmen students at Fisk University. Over 300 students have completed these programs, better than 65 % have earned undergraduate degrees and  have become educators, physicians,  researchers, nurses, and physical therapists.

Her career in education has spanned almost four decades and reached the lives of many African-American students. Her greatest desire has been to share the excitement of scientific discovery with her students. Annually, she takes students to a national conference in the sciences so that they can share their research findings with their peers. She has studied regeneration in plants, bioremediation utilizing plants and she is currently researching the antimicrobial properties of selected herbals.

Ms. McCarroll has also served as a mentor for the student health ambassadors in the HBCU Wellness Program,  a collaboration between Fisk University and Meharry Medical College. Her student ambassadors have presented papers at national conferences and some have earned graduate degrees in Public Health.

Ms. McCarroll has been honored for excellence in teaching by receiving three awards for “Outstanding Teaching in the Division of Natural Sciences”. She was also a recipient of an award for outstanding  academic advising and a Sears Roebuck Scholar for campus leadership. She has  also been selected three times as Who’s Who Among College Teachers and nominated twice for the award of “Outstanding Freshmen Advocate” by the National Center for Students in Transition.

She is Central Region Vice-President for Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, a member of the National Institute of Science, secretary of the Delta of Tennessee Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa housed at Fisk University and a member of Alpha Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Research Publications and Presentations

Effect of Picloram and Other Hormones on Callus Induction from Soybean Hypocotyle, 1983.Tennessee Academy of Science Meeting 58:37.

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Biosimulation of Microorganisms by Exposure to a Multipolar System of Mutually compensated EMF’s.  2009. Zavalin, Andrey, Lensky, Vasily, McCarroll, Patricia, Westbrook, Ryan, Collins, Warren and Morgan, Steve. (Draft) Bioenergetics.


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Robertson, Terry, Patricia McCarroll, and Lei Qian. “Characterization of Phytoremediation amid Variable Molybdenum, Silver and Copper Concentrations by means of Zea mays”. Beta Kappa Chi Conference. Montgomery, AL, 2006. (This paper was also presented at the State Environmental Conference, Fisk University, March 2006)

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McCarroll, Patricia. “Organize Your Life and Control Your Time”. McNair Scholars Program.  at  Fisk  University, Fall 2005

Patricia Wingfield McCarroll

Patricia McCarroll
Lecturer, Department of Life and Physical Sciences
Director, Pre-College Summer Program

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology from Fisk University
Masters of Science Degree in Biology from Tennessee State University
Pre-Doctoral Studies, in Plant Science (2006-2010), Alabama A and M University

Dubois Hall, Room 210

615 329-8532