Holly Tipton Hamby, Ph.D.


Dr. Hamby is the resident specialist in Composition and Rhetoric, and directs the work of the Fisk University Writing Center. In this capacity she designs and teaches courses in first-year Composition and Rhetoric, Advanced Composition, introductory literature courses, and the practicum course for writing center tutors. She also actively serves as a faculty member in  the W.E.B. DuBois General University Honors Program, and has directed or served as a reader on a number of Honor’s Theses. As the UWC Director, Dr. Hamby tutors students, conducts workshops for undergraduate and graduate students and faculty, and trains upper-level students to become tutors themselves.

Her scholarly work focuses on the intersections of rhetorical and literary practices, specifically within Old and Middle English literature and the current “digital age.” Her dissertation work examined the use of poetry by the early English church to encourage almsgiving.

Research Interests

Rhetoric and Religion; Old and Middle English poetry; Anglo-Saxon theories of kingship; Composition Pedagogy and Assessment; Propaganda; American dialects; Rhetorics of Pop Culture; Early Christianity; Gift-giving theory


Co-Author, with Allison Smith and Trixie G. Smith. Bridges: A WAC Rhetoric. (Fountainhead Press) Forthcoming Fall 2013

Co-Editor, with Julie Myatt and Catherine Cooper. Layout and Design Editor. Surviving Freshman Composition, 7th ed. (Fountainhead, 2010).

Chapters 7-9 with Stacia Watkins (“Doing Research”; “Using MLA”; “Using Computers”). Production Assistant (manuscript layout and design). Myatt, Julie and Stacia Watkins, editors. Surviving Freshman Composition, 6th ed. (Fountainhead, 2009).

Chapters 7-9 (“Doing Research”; “Using MLA”; “Using Computers”). Production Assistant (manuscript layout and design). Strickland, Rachel and Stacia Watkins, editors. Surviving Freshman Composition, 5th ed. (Fountainhead, 2008).

Contributor of assignment titled “Ethics in Se7en” and accompanying commentary and journal prompt. Smith, Allison D., Trixie G. Smith, and Stacia Watkins, editors. The Pop Culture Zone (Cengage).

Holly Tipton Hamby, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
Director of the Fisk University Writing Center

BA in English and Writing, History Minor, University of Tampa
MA in Engiish (Creative Writing), University of South Florida
PhD in English, Middle Tennessee State University

105 Park-Johnson Hall
1000 17th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208