Forms and Policies

Excuses and Absence Notice Policy

The University administration, consistent with this policy, does not normally issue excuses for students' absences from class. Occasionally, however, a student may miss class due to a University-sanctioned educational activity, such as participation in a Fisk Jubilee Singers'® tour or a scheduled athletic competition. Excuses for absence due to participation in University-sanctioned activities are issued by the Provost. In such cases, students are given the opportunity to make up work missed. On occasion, the Office of the Provost may also receive documentation of a student's illness, death in a student's family, or of a similar emergency. In these situations, the Office of the Provost may, at its discretion, issue memorandum requesting faculty members to permit the student reasonable latitude to make up any classwork missed during the period of the emergency. Such memoranda, however, do not constitute excuses for absence, and students remain at all times bound by the stated policy in the courses in which they are enrolled.

FERPA Policy

FERPA Rights. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, (FERPA), as amended, specifically addresses the rights of students as they pertain to their education records. Education records are those records which directly relate to the individual student currently or formerly in attendance and are maintained by Fisk University. The following information serves as Fisk’s annual notification of the students' rights and provides links to valuable resources to help members of the Fisk community better understand their responsibilities under FERPA