Tuition and Fees for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

You may also download a version of the schedule of charges (101 KB, PDF) for the Academic Year of 2019-2020.

Note: Fisk University has implemented a streamlined and simple approach to recurring student fees. The “One Fee Model” See Description of Selected Fees Below


Recurring Fee: The Recurring fee is assessed to cover the costs of a range of areas not covered under tuition, room and board charges. These areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Student Activities and Cultural Enrichment The costs associated with campus events and programs that benefit student engagement, cultural experience and campus life such as intramurals, social programs, Student Activity Board, student publications such as Student Planner/Handbook and the Fisk Athletics Forum, University Convocations, Global and Community Lectures Series, public lectures, book readings, and cultural events designed to develop students as critically thinking leaders who are knowledgeable and reflective of their place in the world.
  • Technology: The costs associated with the University’s computer system applications, support services, and core infrastructure that is central to the academic units of the University as well as to the student experience.
  • Campus Access and Safety: The costs associated with ensuring proper safety personnel and equipment, safety and emergency alert systems, as well as 24/7 campus safety support such as escort services across campus.
  • Undergraduate Testing Fee: The costs for initial math, languages and computer proficiency placement tests for incoming first-year students. The recurring fee also covers the cost for general education proficiency pre and post-testing at the start and end of students completing all core curriculum required courses. Finally, the cost for exit examinations for all graduating seniors upon completion of all required declared major courses are covered by the recurring fee.

Other Fees /Charges Assed Upon Occurrence

Science Lab Fee: Laboratory fees are charged to defray the cost of providing and maintaining instructional equipment in laboratories. The fee also covers the cost of using consumable materials (e.g. glassware, chemicals, paper, and/or other media) or use of department equipment or facilities during instruction in science lab or lecture/lab, special storage and proper disposal of chemicals and clean-up so as to meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.
Matriculation and Orientation Fee: The one-time only fee charged to all newly admit and enrolled students at Fisk University to cover the cost associated with transfers, advising, and other services related to admissions. The Fee is assessed during the first term in which a student is both admitted and enrolled at Fisk University. The fee also defrays the cost of new student orientation, activities, and programs such as dinners for students and families, social activities, educational programs, field trips, etc.

Acceptance Fee (U.S. Students): Admitted candidates should submit a fee of $200.00 to the Office of Admission. This fee (100% refundable if submitted on or before May 1) is credited to the student’s tuition and guarantees the student space in the entering class. It is a demonstration of intent to enroll and can be carried for two semesters. Campus housing papers will not be submitted to students until this fee is paid.

Acceptance Fee (International Students): Admitted international students should submit a fee of $ 500.00 USD (100% refundable if the applicant is not able to secure a non-immigrant student visa) is credited to the student’s tuition and guarantees the student space in the entering class. I-20 paperwork and campus housing papers will not be submitted to the student until this fee is paid.

Commuter Meal Plan: A student may purchase a commuter meal plan and eat any meal on any day of the week while meals are served. The University offers four plan types: 25, 50, 75, and 100 commuter meal plans. To activate a meal plan, the student must apply through the Office of Student Engagement and remit payment for the charge to the Business Office.

Credit by Examination Fee: This fee is assessed to defray the administrative costs associated with the coordination, design, and administration of the credit by examination test. Students are also required to pay the tuition associated with each course they intend to include on their transcript through this process.

Graduation Fee: The Graduation Fee is assessed only to all graduates in the year of Commencement. The onetime fee defrays the commencement expenses for undergraduate and graduate students which include, but are not limited to, cap and gown fees, the printing of student diplomas, the Baccalaureate program, the commencement program and location, facilities, speakers, honorary degrees, various receptions, and any other expenses associated with Commencement.

Undergraduate Student Fees

Full-Time Tuition (12-18 semester hours)$10,110 $20,220
Per hour rate (less than 12 hours or greater than 18 hours)$842
Room Double Occupancy$3,173 $6,346
Room Single Occupancy$4,861 $9,722
Board - 19 Meals per week (All Students)$2,383 $4,6766
Recurring Fees$956 $1,912
Health Insurance - International Students ONLY (students can waive this if they already have ACA approved insurance) $1,350

Graduate Student Fees

Full-Time Tuition (9-15 semester hours)$10,260 $20,520
Per hour rate (less than 9 hours or greater than 15 hours)$1,140
Room Double Occupancy$3,173 $6,346
Room Single Occupancy$4,861 $9,722
Board - 19 Meals per week (All Students)$2,383 $4,766
Recurring Fees$956 $1,312

Freshman and New Student Fees

Enrollment Fee (U.S. Students)$200
Enrollment Fee (International Students)$500
Matriculation and Orientation Fees$448
Room Security Deposit/Room Reservation Fee$200

Other Fees/Charges (Assessed as Incurred)

Commuter Meal Plan – 25 Meals per Semester$170
Commuter Meal Plan – 50 Meals per Semester$336
Commuter Meal Plan – 75 Meals per Semester$476
Commuter Meal Plan – 100 Meals per Semester$672
Application Fee $25/$50
Room Reservation Fee $103
Credit by Examination Fee $227
Graduation Fee$360
Science Lab Fee (per course)$67
Auditing Fee (per course)$120
Diploma Reorder Fee$65
Late Registration Fee$200
Lost Student ID (per occurrence)$12
Lost Key Charge (per key)$134
Music Fee Group Instruction (1-50 Min. Class/Week)$113
Music Fee Group Instruction (2-50 Min. Class/Week)$140
Music Fee Private Instruction (1-25 Min. Class/Week)$140
Music Fee Private Instruction (1-50 Min. Class/Week)$170
Music Fee Private Instruction (2-25 Min. Class/Week)$170
Reinstatement Charge (per occurrence)$120
Student Teaching Fee$330
Official e-Transcript Fee (per transcript)$8
Unofficial e-Transcript Fee (per transcript)$6
Official Transcript Fee (per transcript - pickup only)$8.50
Payment Plan Administration Fee (per Academic Year)$40

**Subject to Change Disclaimer

The policies, regulations, procedures, and fees in this bulletin are subject to change without prior notice, if necessary, to keep University policies in compliance with State and Federal laws and/or with rules and regulations of the Board of Directors, The Fisk University System.

The University reserves the right to change curricula, rules, fees, and other requirements, of whatever kind, affecting students. The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any applicant, student, or faculty member and Fisk University or its Board of Directors.