Fisk University Summer Programs


Students are surrounded by Fisk culture and encouraged children to think of college attendance at a young age.

Talented Tenth Leadership Development

a program to create hope and opportunities for young men of color, develop and leadership skills and roles across multiple industries and sectors.


To Harness, Retain, Understand, Sustain and Teach

These projects use the community organizations to strongly encourage the engagement and participation of parents.


Pre-College Science Institute

For families who want a summer filled with enrichment activities that will help their children better prepare for courses in mathematics, science, and reading/language arts along with fun-filled academic and physical activities for six weeks during the summer.


Girls Using Scientific Tools for Opportunities in S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Enginneering, and Mathematics)

GUSTO is a SSCDC (Spruce Street Community Development Corporation) endeavor concerned with providing enriching activities that expose students to—and prepares them for—careers in math and science disciplines.

Pre-College Summer Program

The Pre-College Program is designed to bridge the gap of skills and knowledge between high school and college. The Pre-College Summer Program provides an academically stimulating and culturally motivating experience.