Summer At Fisk

Summer at Fisk

Fisk University invites you to join our community this summer.

The University offers learning opportunities for everyone: from STEM students to Humanities majors, data scientists to second-language learners, artists, actors, sociologists, entrepreneurs, teachers, musicians, and business professionals.

Summer @ Fisk offers youth camps, pre-college, and pre-professional programs.

Courses are designed to help you jump start, advance, or finish a degree—or just re-tool and explore a new field.

Sessions are online, flexible, and fun.

Summer @ Fisk.  There’s something for everyone!

Session I: May 5 – 29

Session II: June 2 – July 10

Contact Our Team

Connect with LaTanya Rogers, PhD, Associate Professor of Literature & Coordinator of Summer at Fisk

Dr. Latanya Rogers

Connect with Earl Lattimore,III EdD,MSP, Senior Academic Advisor/DSS Coordinator

Dr. Earl Lattimore

Connect with Cathy Martin, PhD, Dean of School of Natural Science, Mathematics, and Business & Chair of Summer at Fisk

Dr. Cathy Martin

Summer at Fisk FAQ's

Question:  When will summer classes begin and end? 

Response: Session I courses begin and end on: May 5 - 29, 2020

            Session II courses begin and end on: June 2 - July 10, 2020

Question:  Since summer classes are hosted completely online, how will students access their course work?

Response: All summer courses are hosted virtually through a Learning Management System called Canvas, which is accessible from the Fisk University website.  Login directly from here:  Click “Forgot Password” to reset either the user name or the password.

Question:  Where can students find registration information, the course name, and the professor’s contact information?

Response: Registration information is available in CAMS.  Students may login directly from here: Select Term SU-1-20 or SU-2-20, for Summer I and II, respectively.

Question:  How can current students access their Schedule of Charges, scholarship details, and their Student Financial Responsibility Agreement?

Response: Current students may login to Student Accounts from here:

Question: How will students know which textbook and materials to purchase or rent for classes?

Response: Each professor is encouraged to communicate with his/her students on or before the first day of classes to welcome students and explain required course material.

Question: Will students have the opportunity for one-on-one conferences with their professors throughout the semester and before grading?

Response: Conferences with instructors are a normal and expected activity.  Instructors, chairs, and deans can often be contacted via Fisk email, phone, or virtual conferences.  In addition, many instructors frequently host synchronous (live) meetings with students.  Students are encouraged to inquire directly with professors.  Please allow 48 hours for responses.

Question: If students are unable to access the library resources needed for class, what can the University do to address this issue? 

Response: Please contact Mr. Brandon Owens at: .

Question:  When will grades be reported? 

Response: Summer I deadline for submission of final grades by faculty: 5/26/20

Summer II deadline for submission of final grades by faculty: 7/20/20

Question: When will final transcripts be available? 

Response: Final transcripts will be available after 8/1/20.

Question: If there are Incompletes (I) on a student’s transcript, when is the last day for those Incompletes to change?  Will that be a factor in terms of GPA calculations for graduation?

Response: Incompletes must be resolved for graduating Summer 2020 seniors by 7/31/20.  Students will not be able to graduate with Incompletes on their