Political Science

Our political science degree students do more than study politics—they actively participate in it. From the State Capitol in Nashville to a course where you intern with state legislators and on a real campaign, our program is ideal for students ready to get to work from day one.

Whether you are interested in law, American campaigns and elections or international human rights, criminal justice, foreign policy, African-American politics, Africa politics, public policy, political protest, local community politics or international politics and theory, Political Science has the faculty, the courses, and the extracurricular programming for you.

Students majoring in political science are challenged to think creatively and analytically about historically and currently relevant topics. Through participation in lectures, seminars, internships, and independent studies, our students develop critical reasoning, oral and written communication skills.

Students paying attention in class
DEPARTMENT CHAIR Jennifer Adebanjo, PhD.

Chair's Welcome Statement

Welcome to the Department of History and Political Science. We are a group of committed teachers and student mentors who are committed to one thing - your success. We are immensely proud of our alumni, who enjoy successful careers in a wide variety of fields.