Elected Studies
Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements


The "Elected Studies" major option is available, in addition to the prescribed major fields, so that students may propose an individually designed major not regularly offered at Fisk. This option is intended for students who have clearly developed educational aims and find the usual range of available major fields inappropriate to those aims. Such students may propose individually designed majors by submitting, at least four semesters prior to the anticipated graduation date, a proposal to their faculty academic advisors. The faculty academic advisor refers the proposal to the appropriate department chairs for review. Department Chairs may request more information and/or interview students as necessary. Department Chairs will forward all approved proposals to the Dean of the appropriate School for acceptance. The Dean may in turn request more information and/or interview students as necessary. Successful proposals are forwarded to the Provost or his/her representative for final approval. Such proposal becomes the basis for a contract between the student and the University and binding on both student and institution unless modified by subsequent written agreement. Duplicates will be filed in the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Provost.

The proposal for an elected studies major should include a clear statement of the rationale for the proposed program, a statement of the student's career objectives, and a listing of specific courses to be included in the program. In preparing elected studies proposals, students are cautioned to remain sensitive to the broad liberal arts objectives of the University and are advised, in particular, to avoid proposals that are too specialized to be compatible with the usual aims of undergraduate study at Fisk. Proposals are also evaluated for their compatibility with the faculty, laboratory, and library resources available to Fisk University.




Degree Requirements


  1. Students must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours and fulfill all other degree requirements for the Bachelor’s degree as specified in the Undergraduate Degree Requirements section in the published University Bulletin;
  2. Students must complete all CORE requirements
  3. Students must demonstrate mastery of a foreign language at the intermediate level
  4. Students may complete up to sixty hours in their major areas of interest;
  5. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses taken as part of the Elected Studies major areas of inquiry;
  6. Students are free to select electives but must remain cognizant of their career goals or graduate education options. It is very important to discuss electives with the Coordinator of the Elected Studies Major;
  7. A course selected originally as part of the Elected Studies major areas of inquiry may not be turned into an elective. For more information concerning how previously earned college credits will apply toward the Elected Studies degree, contact the Provost in Cravath Hall, Room 110.

Note: Elected Studies majors are responsible for meeting all course prerequisites—when required. They should be aware of such courses and choose their curriculum and electives with great care, foresight and precision. For more information, please contact the Elected Studies Coordinator.