Homeland Security

Fisk University’s Homeland Security baccalaureate degree program is designed to promote the success of scholars and leaders within a global perspective. Students enrolling in the program will gain an understanding of the modern challenges of transnational security, terror groups, and cyber warfare through a mix of theoretical and applied learning opportunities. At the completion of the program, students will know how to identify and neutralize domestic and international threats and how to perform homeland security investigation.

DEPARTMENT CHAIR Catherine Burton, Ph.D.

Chair's Welcome Statement

The disciplines of psychology, sociology, criminal justice, and homeland security comprise the Department of Behavioral Sciences. All of these disciplines share a common focus—human behavior. While each discipline examines human behavior from a different perspective, together they answer the questions that many of us ask about thoughts, actions, and interactions. We welcome you to explore our course offerings as you select and pursue a major. We invite you to engage in the learning experiences that will equip you with the critical knowledge, tools, and skills needed to attain your academic and career goals.

Academic Disciplines

Whether the student’s interest lies in law and policy, terrorism, emergency management, risk assessment, intelligence analysis, strategic planning, or security, Homeland Security graduates emerge ready to contribute to making the world a safer place.