Distance Education

Dr. Brown: ProfileDr. Shirley Rainey-Brown
Associate Vice Provost for Online Initiatives
Director of Distance Education
Professor of Sociology

Dr. Shirley Rainey- Brown is responsible for integrating the strategic selection of technology infrastructure with faculty development for creation and delivery of educational materials in a Web-based environment.  As part of her leadership role, Dr. Brown will contribute to the implementation and sustainability of Fisk’s technology infrastructure and technology-enhanced teaching and learning, in person and online.  She will provide vision, leadership, coordination, and expertise in support of faculty design and delivery and evaluation of technology blended/hybrid and fully online curricula, courses, trainings and instructional materials.   She will improve the effectiveness of all online processes by integrating infrastructure and faculty or staff-initiated efforts on behalf of students and student learning.

Dr. Brown has over 16 years of teaching and developing online courses.  She has won a Pioneer Award for her innovation work in online development and implementation.  She also has numerous online training certificates.  Dr. Brown attends and presents at Online Conferences annually.


Freshman (required)

Core 100 (New Student Orientation) - Patricia McCarroll


Math 101 (College Algebra)*BLD - Dr. Quingxia

Math 101 (College Algebra)*BLD - Dr. Zia Haque


Core 201 (Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship) - Dr. Stafford Cargill

Econ 240 (Principles of Economics) - Dr. Stafford Cargill

MGT 390 (Entrepreneurship) - Dr. Stafford Cargill

MGT 380 (Management Principle & Practice) - Dr. Nicholas Umontuen


SOC 100-002  (Intro to Sociology) - Dr. Shirley Brown

SOC 282 (Life Cycle, Adulthood and Aging) - Dr. Mary Karpos (Adjunct)

SOC 390 (Internship) - Dr. Josie Scales (Adjunct)

SOC 374 (Social Theory)*BLD   - Dr. Josie Scales (Adjunct)


MUS 200 (History of Jazz) - Dr. Anthony Williams

The courses are denoted in registering in CAMS as:
•    BLD =blended /hybrid (means face to face and online)
•    ONL =fully online course