Academic Calendar

The primary purpose of the Academic Calendar is to serve as an information source and planning document for faculty, staff, departments and students. The academic calendar is set based on Fisk University approved guidelines. The academic calendar adheres to the University Policy of legislated contractual days of instruction.  Mandated dates in the academic calendar include the following: term start and end dates, breaks, registration, study days, final exam period, and commencement. 

All dates are subject to change.

*Essential personnel, to include Facilities & Grounds and Public Safety personnel may be required, if business operations warrant working on any of these designated holidays. When this occurs, the supervisor schedules time off as holiday time for the staff member within the next ninety (90) days.  For hourly-paid staff, if the department cannot provide holiday time off within ninety (90) days, the staff member will be paid for that holiday.

**If required; otherwise, daily attendance from the instructor will be submitted via CAMS.