Fisk University Names Dr. Jens Frederiksen Executive Vice President

Fisk University announced on August 27th, 2020 that Dr. Jens Frederiksen will be assuming the role of Executive Vice President effective immediately.  “Dr. Frederiksen will continue to oversee all of our fundraising and enrollment efforts while serving as a key pillar in my administration,” said Interim President Vann Newkirk. “I could not be more excited about continuing to work with Dr. Frederiksen and I feel confident that the next few years will be the best in the University’s esteemed history.”  In the four years Dr. Frederiksen has been at Fisk, the University has raised over $36,000,000, grown enrollment by over 25%, lowered the discount rate by 12%, and increased the academic quality of the incoming class from the 54th percentile to the 73rd percentile nationally.

Alumni giving participation has grown from 21% to 34% and corporate internships have increased to over 40%.  Dr. Frederiksen has also played a critical role in a host of initiatives including federal grants and the SACSCOC accreditation process. “Fisk University is an exceptional institution with so much to offer this city and this country and I am deeply committed to working with interim President Newkirk to realize the Fisk future,” said Dr. Frederiksen.

Dr. Frederiksen joined the Fisk Administration in 2016.  Dr. Frederiksen received his undergraduate degrees in economics, political science, history, and philosophy from Vanderbilt University.  He also received a Master’s degree in social and political thought before completing his Master’s and Ph.D. in political science all from Vanderbilt University.