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Dr. Sajid Hussain is Associate Vice Provost for Innovation & Information Technology (CTO) and Discipline Coordinator of Data Science, Fisk University. In 2009, he joined Fisk University as Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Dr. Hussain has served as Chair of the Department of Business Administration, Fisk University, 2010-13. Prior to Fisk, he worked as Associate Professor and Assistant Professor in the Jodrey School of Computer Science, Acadia University, Canada, 2005-09. He received Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada, 2004.

Dr. Hussain is interested in applying machine learning techniques for inter-disciplinary research projects related to healthcare, bioinformatics, digital humanities, and criminal justice. He is also interested in energy efficient communication protocols and security techniques for mobile, ubiquitous, and pervasive applications. He has published more than 70 refereed journal, conference, and workshop papers. His research is financially supported by several grants and contracts, such as NSF Implementation Award (Grant #1817282), NSF TIP Award (Grant# 1332432), NIH/BD2K-R25 Diversity, UNCF/Google etc.

He has co-organized several journal special issues, conferences, and workshops. He has served on many technical program committees and reviewed papers for several journals. He is a senior member of IEEE.



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  1. Obtained Research Grants/Funds: $2.25M – NSF Implementation Award (2018-23, Co-PI) to promote Quantitative and Computing initiatives in STEM programs; $394,954 - NSF/HBCU/TIP (2013-17, PI) to transform CS curriculum for increasing undergraduate majors. NIH-BD2K KnowENG R25: $1,018,114 (2015-20) conduct Journal Club for BD2K scholars; arrange weekly remote research-based seminars with UIUC; and co-develop a course on Bio-Statistics (using R). Several Google and NCWIT grants to promote CS for under-represented minorities. $150,000 (HP Catalyst, 2010-12, Co-PI) for online virtual labs.
  2. Related Appointments at Fisk University:
  • Associate Vice Provost for Innovation & Information Technology (CTO) (10/04/18 – present), lead teaching and learning related technology initiatives.
  • QEP Director (08/15/18- present), lead University initiative for Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) related to Information Technology for Problem Solving and Data Analysis.
  • Discipline Coordinator, Data Science (08/15/18 – present), lead Data Science Major (BS, BA, and Minor) under the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Chair, Department of Business Administration (08/15/10 – 07/31/13), led one of the largest departments on campus in order to promote technology and information systems.
  • Director, Title III SAFRA Funds (08/15/10 – 07/31/13), promoted distance learning initiative; provided leadership in organizing SloanC Teaching Certificate for training of Fisk Faculty (10+).
  • Co-organized Fisk Research Symposium (2011-present) provide opportunities for students for dissemination of scholarly activities.
  1. Participation in Pedagogical Training:   Presented 4 sessions (2010-13) at Sloan-C teaching conferences; provided leadership role for the effective usage of Bloomberg Terminals (2010-13); created/organized computer proficiency test for all incoming students (2010-).
  2. Co-organized Professional Activities: Co-edited 20+ Journal Special Issues (SCIE) in competitive journals (Elsevier, Springer, etc); co-organized 30+ International Conferences related to Computer Science; co-organized 15+ International Workshops (in conjunction with major IEEE Conferences); reviewed papers for major journals (Ad Hoc, COMP, IF, JSAC, JNCA, JTS, Sensors, Systems, etc); IEEE Senior member (2010-).
  3. Faculty Advisor for undergraduate research projects: Students presented research abstracts at national and regional competitive conferences (NCUR, Tapia, etc).

Sajid Hussain


Ph. D Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada, 2004
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, 1995
BSc. Electrical Engineering, University of Engineering & Tech., Lahore, Pakistan, 1991


321 Park Johnson Hall
1000-17th Avenue North
Nashville, TN  37208