Nicholas Umontuen


Nicholas Umontuen has over 20 years of college teaching experience. His teaching area is management with emphasis in strategic management/business policy, business communication, organizational behavior and leadership.

Apart from teaching, Nicholas has over 10 years of business management experience from the industry.

As an entrepreneur, he co-founded HealthCore Alliance LLC, and served as CEO and chairman of the Board for four years.

He is active in philanthropy and has 18 years in non-profit organizational leadership. He founded AKISAN in Tennessee (a non-profit organization) where he currently serves as chairman of the board.  He directs the efforts to raise money to restore dilapidating primary schools in rural Nigeria.

Currently he serves as discipline coordinator, Department of Business Administration, faculty advisor to Delta Mu Delta National Honors Society in Business Administration and Campus Liaison, the Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP).    

He is a member of the National Business Education Association and Honorary member of Delta Mu Delta.

His area of interest is in Business Policy/Strategic Management, Organizational Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Behavior.

Nicholas holds Master of Public Administration and Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Health Care Management.

Nicholas Umontuen

Nicholas Umontuen
Chair and Professor of Business Administration 

Master of Public Administration, Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
M.B.A./HCM, University of Phoenix/Nashville, USA 

111 Park Johnson Hall 
1000 17th Ave. N
Nashville, TN, 37208, USA
Office: 615.329.8763