Meal Plans

Meal Plan

Our meal plans are been designed to accommodate the various needs of our students. With our meal plan, you will have the option of eating up to 19 meals on campus each week. When you become a meal plan member, your student identification card becomes your pass to use your meal plan in the cafeteria. Each time you use a meal, it is subtracted from your weekly balance. For students living in traditional residence halls, there is no better value than the meals per week option. Meals do not carry over from week to week and the resident meal plans reset every Sunday night.

All on-campus students are required to purchase the 19 meals per week meal plan. Commuter Meal Plans are available for off-campus students only. Off-campus students are also able to purchase an on-campus meal plan.

Student Meal Plan

This plan is designed for students who want a meal plan with the greatest value. With this plan, you can enjoy all 19 meals offered in the cafeteria each week.  This 19 meals per week are automatically added to an on-campus student's account.

Continuous Dining

$2,314.00 per semester

Student Meal Plan

Designed exclusively for commuter students, faculty and staff, the commuter meal plan is great for the occasional diner. The meal plan offers a convenient, hassle free way to always enjoy a delicious meal or grab a quick bite, without ever searching for a quarter.

Purchase a commuter meal plan at the Cashier’s Office through your student account. You may pay with MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Money Order or Financial Aid Credit

The commuter meal plans are available for:

25 Meals Per Semester


50 Meals Per Semester


75 Meals Per Semester


100 Meals Per Semester