Re-Admit Students

Fisk University Re-admitted Student

Re-admit students are those students who have previously enrolled into and attended Fisk University and exited (not graduated).

If you are a re-admit student, please submit the following information to apply and complete your application:

  • Official application for re-admission: Click Here
  • Official college transcripts (from all colleges attended, if applicable)
  • Personal statement (please include the following in your statement):
    • What was your reason for leaving Fisk University?
    • Explanation of the manner in which time away from Fisk University has been spent.
    • Why are you seeking re-admission?
    • Why/how will you be successful upon your return to Fisk University?

*Note: Deadlines for submission of re-admit applicants follows the general deadline schedule for all undergraduate students. Please see the "how to apply" page via the link for details on application deadlines. All holds must be cleared prior to enrollment. Returning students are responsible for meeting all financial aid, housing, and advising deadlines. 

Lets see those Credits

If you have completed courses away from Fisk at a community college or another four-year institution, please submit all of those documents to our Admissions Staff.

Fisk has become an oasis of love, success, and support for me and my classmate of 2022. I definitely made the right choice by attending Fisk University because I have done nothing but grow into the woman I desire to be!

We are Fisk.

As a Political Science and Public Administration Major, I have been granted an insurmountable amount of opportunities to advance myself professionally, academically, and socially! There is no other place that compares!”