Teacher Education

Teacher Education Program Snapshot


The Department of Education seeks to provide qualified teachers from various disciplines for employment in the teaching field in Tennessee.


Fisk University, through its philosophy and mission, believes that the best preparation for excellence in teaching is a sound education in the liberal arts, together with highly developed instructional skills and competency in the disciplines comprising the major areas of study. Every discipline cooperates with the Office of Teacher Education in offering appropriate courses that lead to certification in the student’s major area of study.

Objectives of the Teacher Education Program:

  1. To assure the ability of students to function effectively and responsibly as teachers in a multicultural society.
  2. To be able to translate abstract knowledge of theory and principles into effective practice in the classrooms.
  3. To integrate class work, field experience, and research into the teacher education curriculum.

Teacher Education is a rewarding position where a person educates adolescents in their quest to be successful global citizens.  Completing a teacher

education degree program or adding teacher certification to your degree can open various employment opportunities in the United States and Overseas. Some overseas positions offer free housing and tax-free salary.

If your employer cut positions without notice, what would be your immediate employment plan of action? If a pandemic or recession caused your job to be terminated, what is your next step to immediate employment?

Teacher Education Brochure

Teacher Certification Benefits Snapshot

  • Pandemic and Recession Proof – Federal Government and States must Fund K-12 Annually
  • Immediate Hire in various School Systems in the U.S. or Overseas after your Certification is Received
  • Paid Sick Leave: Averages between 15 – 18 days (hourly or daily leave)
  • Paid Holidays: Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas (2-3 weeks)
  • Off Summers: 2 months Off with pay (Depending on your Contract: 10 month or 12 month pay)
  • Opportunities for Growth in the School System and/or Union (Advanced Degree may be needed)

Contact the Teacher Education Program for more Information:                                                                                            

Dr. Keno Worthy, Director of Teacher Education
kworthy@fisk.edu  615-329-8745

Opportunities with your Teacher Education Degree


  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Music Instrumental
  • Music Vocal
  • Special Education

Middle/High School

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Government
  • Mathematics
  • Music Instrument
  • Music Vocal
  • Spanish
  • Special Education
  • Teach Online in the United States
  • Teach Overseas/Aboard
  • Education Subject Matter Expert Consultant
  • Curriculum Developer/Designer
  • Professional Tutor
  • Corporate Training or University/College
  • Before/After School and Summer Programs
  • Private, Group Home, Charter, Correctional School
  • For-Profit and Non-Profit Education Organizations
  • City, State, and Federal Government Employment