Sociology & Anthropology Major
Joint Requirements

Major Requirements

Requirements for the undergraduate major in sociology, in addition to the University degree requirements specified within this Bulletin, are:

Course in sociology (minimum of 32 cr.)

Course Number Course Name
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 374 Social Theory
SOC 499 Senior Seminar

Twenty (20) hours of electives in sociology are chosen in consultation with and with the approval of a departmental advisor.

Required cognates (4 cr.)

Course Number Course Name
SSCI 280 Methods and Statistics for Social Research

Normally taken in the sophomore year, with a prerequisite of Core Mathematics, College Algebra or a higher level mathematics course.

Joint Requirements

Joint majors, combining sociology with another concentration, are encouraged by the Department of Sociology and may be arranged according to the usual University regulations. The student who chooses to pursue a joint major in sociology and another discipline must complete the required courses in sociology (SOC 100, SOC 374, and SOC 499), and at least three additional courses in sociology, and the required cognate course in social science (SSCI 280).

The joint major requires a minimum of 24 credits in sociology and the approved number of credits in the other major. The joint major will have an advisor from the faculty in sociology as well as from the other major.