Special Education

The Philosophy of the Special Education program reflects the belief that all students are unique, differing from one another intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically, and can learn in the least restrictive environment in accordance with Special Education rules, regulations, and guidelines.

The program goals are to:

1. To prepare African-American teachers, supervisors, and supportive staff to develop and implement an integrated curriculum in the regular classroom
2. To serve as a consultant to regular classroom teachers of various disciplines and grade levels
3. To provide additional instruction in resource rooms or other settings


To provide a competency-based teacher program through courses and experience designed to prepare competent facilitators of learning with a multicultural perspective to serve in both public and private settings. These courses and experiences provide the students with the requirements established by the Tennessee State Department of Education for Exceptional Learning Special Education; Modified K-12.

  1. Requirements

The Exceptional Learning Special Education; Modified K-12 Degree Program at Fisk operates cooperatively with the Department of Education of the State of Tennessee. The Program leads to a Degree in Special Education or Licensure in Special Education.

All students are required to meet the following requirements:

  • General education core requirements (32 semester hours)for a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education.
  • A total of 120 semester credit hours must be completed.
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.7, and successfully pass, and be admitted to the Teacher Education Program.
  • The requirements for a major in Special Education consist of 41 semester hours.
  • Students must submit to the Special Education to the Coordinator a copy of their college transcript.
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 Cumulative grade point average. 
  • Submission of a typed essay. 
  • Submission of three faculty recommendations.
  • Complete Educational Psychology (EDUC 248), & Theory and Practices of Teaching (EDUC 260).

Major Requirements (35 cr.)

Course NumberCourse Name
SPED 210 Introduction to Special Education OR
SPED 310 Characteristics and Needs of Exceptional Children
SPED 311 Nature of the Learning Disabled Child
SPED 270 Professional Aspects of Special Education
SPED 410 Assessment in Special Education
SPED 350 Techniques and Strategies (Modified)
SPED 280 Practical Application of Special Education
SPED 360 Managing Inappropriate Classroom Behavior
SPED 400 Procedures for Teaching the Gifted
SPED 420 Integrating Technology in Special Education
SPED 480 Student Teaching of Exceptional Children

Professional Education Core (25 cr.)

Course NumberCourse Name
PSY 205 Child & Adolescent Psychology
EDUC 248 Educational Psychology
EDUC 250 Fundamental Responsibilities
EDUC 260 Theory and Practice of Teaching
EDUC 320 Elementary Curriculum and Methods I
EDUC 330 Elementary Curriculum and Methods II
EDUC 410 Elementary Education Seminar I

Note: Passing scores for the Praxis in Principles of Learning and Teaching is required. Also passing scores in Special Education Modified: Knowledge Based Core Principles and Application of Core Principles.