General Graduate Psychology
Major Requirements

Graduate General Psychology Requirements

The general psychology program is designed to:

  • prepare students for doctoral level study in psychology
  • prepare students to teach psychology in a community college
  • train students in research methodology
  • acquaint students with ethical concerns in research and practice
  • develop skill in the critical study of the major concepts, theories, and systems of psychology and in the analysis of examples of psychological research
  • support specialized study in the area of psychology chosen by the student in consultation with a faculty advisor

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • define and use appropriately the important concepts of contemporary psychology;
  • identify and describe major historical and contemporary theories of psychology and evaluate empirical research as support for theories and principles of psychology
  • analyze and interpret data gathered using various research methods
  • evaluate the design and analysis of research studies in psychology
  • design, conduct, and analyze and interpret data for an independent research project
  • communicate the results of empirical, library, and Internet research both orally and in writing
  • define the ethical responsibilities of psychologists in both research and practice
  • demonstrate advanced knowledge in a specialized area of psychology

The student’s program in the general psychology program is planned with an advisor and depends on the student’s background and goals. Thirty credit hours are required which must include the following courses:

Course Number Course Name
PSY 507 Personality Theory
PSY 513 Advanced Statistics
PSY 521-522 Proseminar I and II
PSY 532 Research Design and Methodology
PSY 561-562 Thesis Seminar I and II