Graduate Program
in Psychology

Graduate Program

The Master of Arts degree is offered with concentrations in either of two areas, clinical or general psychology. Both programs require a thesis and two years of academic and related work. Both are designed either to provide a foundation for advanced study or to enable the student to qualify for an appropriate master’s level professional position in the broad fields of human behavior and services. Both also require the same 18 semester hours of common coursework. The programs differ, however, in the specific professional objectives they are designed to serve. The also differ in the minimum number of required semester hours, and in the specific courses required beyond the 18 hours common to both.

In addition to meeting the University requirements for admission to the graduate program, successful psychology graduate program applicants will have completed undergraduate courses in general psychology, statistics, and research methods. Abnormal and experimental psychology are highly recommended. Preference will be given to students who have extensive undergraduate coursework in psychology and experience in the field.


Chair's Welcome Statement

Dr. Peters is a national expert on youth development in the juvenile justice arena and provides training and technical assistance on gender-specific programming for females as well as males at risk for entering the juvenile justice. She has worked with youth for over twenty years including serving as a Board member to Realsports Leadership Academy, a mentoring programming focusing on positive life skills for student-athletes. As she continues to serve as a volunteer for the I Have a Future program, she is the former Coordinator of Community Services for this adolescent health promotion initiative founded at Meharry Medical College and recognized as the 404th Point of Light. Her work in the area of sports psychology has afforded her the opportunity to serve as the clinician for the Tennessee Titans organization.

Location of office: 207 Park Johnson Hall
Contact Information: 615-329-8617

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