Social Justice Department Chair

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In the decades since earning a Ph.D. with honors in Sociology from Howard University, Dr. Tdka Kilimanjaro has taught research methods and statistics at three universities, written extensively on applied research methods and statistics, chaired college departments, been Vice President and Director of Institutional Research, been Director of University Assessment and Strategic Planning, been lead-researcher on a  national Internet/Broadband grant, been a part of several successful core leadership teams that navigated NCA and SACS-COC 10-Year Reaffirmation. And as a research scientist, he has a dedicated work history of social justice in historically underserved urban communities. Even more important to him, however, is that he has been a quality father to his three daughters. In sum, his wealth of technical expertise, applied statistics and research experience, systematic preparation, attention to detail, organizational precision, and integrity will serve the Fisk University community well.