A. Hannibal Hamdallahi- Biography

A. Hannibal Hamdallahi Ph.D

Dr. A. Hannibal Hamdallahi is the Assistant Dean of the School of Humanities and Behavioral Social Sciences. He is also an Assistant Professor of Political Science and director of the African American Studies program. He also currently heads the Elected Studies degree program.

His primary areas of research focus on Southern Politics as well as the intersection between Public Opinion and International Relations. He is the author of The Social Context of Public Opinion and Foreign Policy, which explores the role social identity plays in shaping mass attitudes toward U.S. foreign policy. The book argues that domestic groups choose to support U.S. foreign policies they believe will benefit people they socially identity with. His current research uses computational methods to understand how critical race theory helps to explain political phenomena in the context of international politics and amongst American political leadership. In this research, he utilizes automated text analysis to examine the complex relationship between political rhetoric, public policy, and political participation. His work also advances theories of administrative effectiveness, public administration, and political theory.

Dr. Leach also authors a tri-monthly publication known as the A. Hannibal Hamdallahi Political Report. The publication provides an informed Black perspective on political issues concerning the American South.


PhD – University of Mississippi
MA – University of Mississippi
MPA – Murray State University
BA – Middle Tennessee State University

Contact information:

Office Location: Park Johnson 210
Office Phone Number: 615-329-8500
Office email: jsmith@fisk.edu