1.1 Event Request Submissions

  • Event requests need to be submitted at least 10 business days in advance
  • For on-campus events, the event request requires the approval/signature of the direct supervisor (i.e., Director, Dean, Vice President, etc.) of the submitting party. The supervisor should be listed as the secondary contact to ensure they are aware of the event
  • Changes in event requests should be communicated via email at least three (3) business days prior to the scheduled event. Failure to communicate within this time period will incur a cost for the overage our third-party facilities vendor charges the university
  • The event requester needs to acknowledge their responsibilities by signing the “Planning for Your Event” document. The “Planning for Your Event” document will outline the responsibilities of the event requester (i.e., parameters for additional charges, responsible for programming, etc.) to ensure there is no equivocation. This acknowledgment will be completed by check-marking a box at the end of the aforementioned form.

University Bus Rental

  • Bus reservation requests need to be submitted at least 10 days in advance
  • The per-hour rate for bus rental is $75 per hour for less than four hours. If bus reservation or usage is equivalent to five hours or more, the bus rental is charged at the daily rate.
  • The daily rate for the university bus is $500. This rate does not include gas costs. If the bus is reserved and used for more than five consecutive days, the rate per day will be reduced to $350 per day for the entire period the bus has been reserved or used. The cost of gas, travel, food, hotels, etc. are separate costs which are not included in the $350 rate and are the responsibility of the reserving party.
  • The cost of gas for the university bus is $0.35 per mile. It is the responsibility of the university person, office, department, or division to calculate the total estimated gasoline cost for budgeting purposes prior to the trip commencing. The university bus driver will check the odometer before departure and upon return to campus for the true cost of the trip. The university person, office, department, or division will be charged according to the true mileage and not the calculated projection.
  • The OEM will notify the reserving department a minimum of 72 hours before a scheduled departure should something change with the availability of the bus due to a mechanical issue. The OEM will do their best to adhere to this standard as there could be instances when the bus is out and encounters issues within the 72 hours time frame. Should such a situation arise, the reserving party will be notified immediately upon discovery of the issue
  • If the university bus encounters mechanical issues which prevent the bus to be operable at some point during the reservation time, the reserving party shall not be charged from the time the bus became inoperable until such time the bus returns to operating condition.

Event Request Approvals

  • The submitting party shall receive a response to their event request, whether it is approval or denial, within five business days
  • Whether your event is approved or denied you will receive an email regarding the status
  • Once your event is approved, it will be placed on the master calendar within three business days
  • Waiver of the fees and costs associated with bus rentals may only be authorized by the President or the University President

Changes After Event Approval

  • If circumstances change regarding coordinating catering the OEM will work with the reserving party and our third-party food vendor to communicate such changes.

The Office of Event Management Service Guarantee

  • All three members will have one access to the information and will be able to service the event but you will have a main point of contact. A university student worker may also have access to the same information and service the event the same
  • For certain events, the OEM will provide a consultative phone call or meeting
  • The OEM will create a “Planning for Your Event” document which clarifies the responsibility of coordination regarding the event
  • The OEM will conduct a thorough inspection of the bus regularly to ensure its preparedness for travel. Additionally, even when the bus is not reserved it will be regularly driven to detect issues which may not be readily apparent while idling.