[Fisk]Ally Responsible

Despite the challenges of college budgets, we strive to be responsible stewards of what we’ve been given.  Every dollar matters and is vital to our ability to improve and expand whether from grant funding, private gifts, or tuition.  Despite the University’s effort to maximize assistance to as many students as possible, many student account balances are not paid during the semester, resulting in a burden to the student.

Due to unpaid balances, the university suffers reduced cash flow, which negatively impacts the entire University community by:

  1. Impeding the students’ ability to register for future terms, obtain transcripts, and receive degrees upon graduating
  2. Impeding the University’s ability to provide University-funded financial assistance in the form scholarships, grants in aid, and others.
  3. Impeding the University’s ability to efficiently fulfill its financial obligations to its partners and service providers,


Paying balances in full and on-time shows “Fiskal” responsibility, and we want our students to be “Fiskally” responsible because:

  1. It promotes focus on studies by minimizing or eliminating worries related to students’ ability to enroll for financial reasons.
  2. It promotes student success by eliminating finances as a deterrent for matriculation.
  3. It promotes a life discipline for managing finances.

Effective Fall 2022, the maximum student account balance that will be allowed to be deferred after considering financial aid awards, has changed from $5,000 to $2,500.