Business Administration
(Marketing) Requirements

Marketing Course Descriptions

MKT320 Marketing Principles Marketing is a process of analyzing, planning, and implementing strategies and tactics that enable an organization, product, and/or brand to meet and exceed customer needs and wants better than competitors. This course takes students on a journey to understand that process of analyzing, planning, and implementing marketing strategy and tactics. Emphasis is on application of marketing theory to ensure that students develop their professional marketing skills.
MKT3XX Consumer Behavior Good and effective marketing is derived from a comprehensive understanding of consumers, consumer needs, and consumption related behavior. Given the significance of understanding consumers in the quest of marketing, this course is dedicated to the study of people and how they behave in their consumption efforts. The theory covered in this course includes basic concepts drawn from several disciplines including psychology, sociology, anthropology. Covering this material will entail students being exposed to a diversity of approaches in consumer research, reviewing major pre-consumption, consumption, and post-consumption theories and applying these theories to real-world examples. Collectively, this material has the purpose of enabling students to understand how these concepts can be applied within a strategic and a managerial context.
MGT380 Entrepreneurial Development Extensive research shows that entrepreneurial failure is most due to a lack of knowledge about how to design and build a business. Cash flow and time management are major challenges for the entrepreneur. Presenting established knowledge to date in this area is foundational to this course. More than a scientific approach, this course also incorporates the artistic element of doing business well. By learning from what successful entrepreneurs have done and how they have achieved their success, this course presents a variety of real-world examples. The combination of academic research and a practitioner-oriented approach, this course steps students through the process of entrepreneurial development. To fulfill this real-world view of entrepreneurship, students will have the opportunity to write a business plan for an organization of their choosing. The course is design as a fully online course comprising of five modules. Completion of this course will ensure students comprehend the science, art, and process of entrepreneurship.
BAD399 Internship Students enrolled in this course will concurrently complete an industry specific project with a formal business report as the deliverable to the organization at the end of the semester that will also be used for assessment purposes. Students will also be coached along the way with tutorial style seminars held throughout the semester. Effectively, students will develop professionally as well as academically.
MKT4XX Marketing Analytics Marketing Analytics: This course is an application of data analysis and marketing decision making. Course topics will include marketing ROI, pricing analysis, marketing analytics, consumer segmentation models, predictive models and analysis of big data
MKT422 Marketing Strategy The goal with this course is to integrate the concepts and the principles students learn in earlier marketing courses, as well as recognize the need to consider, people and planet in addition to commercial profit. We cover topics such as developing marketing strategy, macro and micro environmental analysis, discovering market opportunities, marketing program development, and the implementation of marketing strategy with a tailored action plan. These broad topics are delivered with a solid grounding in traditional marketing theory but also with an eye toward emerging practice and an emphasis on sustainability. We therefore cover content drawn from psychology, economics, and sociology. Students are encouraged to think critically and problem solve in a strategic manner.
MKT3XX Digital marketing This course introduces a paradigm of dynamically and directly interacting with customers through digital means by providing a framework and tools for managing and analyzing an organization’s virtual presence for marketing purposes. Students will learn to apply concepts of digital marketing through practical projects and assignments. Students are given the opportunity to experience and analyze the effects of creating, promoting, and adapting an online identity for a marketing, entrepreneurial, or digital media organization. As part of this course, students will also achieve Google Ad Words and Hubspot certifications.
MKT3XX Brand strategy


From red hot irons pressed into cow hides to brand name tattoos , the NikeTM Swoosh® and the spectacle of a J Balvin performance, these are examples of how branding has evolved over time. Brand experiences are powerful statements and astute marketers understand how to use branding as a powerful strategic tool. This course focuses on brand evaluation in terms of various theories such as brand evolution, brand personality, brand symbolism, corporate social responsibility, and brand strategy.
MKT3XX Integrated marketing communications


This course takes students on a journey through the many and varied ways that organizations have to communicate with stakeholders. More than advertising and promotion, integrated marketing communications enables effective communications across multiple mediums in an integrated manner. Foundations concepts that will be covered include targeting, positioning, and segmentation. As well, with an emphasis on application, students will develop an integrated marketing communications plan.
MKTXXX Music marketing


This course begins with an overview of the key music marketing principles, terms, and practices, which collectively provide the foundation for a music marketing plan. Students will study the market opportunities for musicians including merchandising and publicity, as well as online and offline promotional strategics, distribution strategies, and advertising. Students will learn that organizations and partners work to inform, persuade, and remind targeted markets and effectively leverage identified market opportunities. The basics covered in this course will enable students to develop a comprehensive music marketing plan that is tailored to a timeline and budget parameters.
MKT3XX Supply chain management


This course provides an overview of the organizational coordinating of the end-to-end relationships between supply chain members from inputs to delivery of products and services. There is an emphasis on understanding the impact of demand and supply information flows across the supply chain. This course also emphasizes the integrating activities through improved processes and relationships to enable an organization to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.
MKT3XX Professional selling and sales management


This course provides an overview of how the sales function of an organization is integral to organizational strategy. Sales management is about managing people and teams to achieve a high level of service and efficiency for the benefit of clients/customers. Automated tools such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, prospecting tools, and digital communication tools will enable students to develop a strategic sales plan.
MKT3XX Healthcare marketing Health care is a dynamic industry and continues to undergo dramatic reform and transformation. Within this fast changing environment, there are several trends that demand organizations to be effective marketers and to provide value to stakeholders, including patients. This course looks at contemporary trends in health care services including the increasing involvement of consumers in the health care process and the access to e-information, the impact of interactive technology and the emphasis on the need for transparency within the medical professional but also privacy of medical records, as well as increasing competition and the shifting and reshaping of the health care landscape. Collectively and independently, these factors reinforce the relevance of marketing theory, practice and research in the context of health care services.
MKT4XX Special Topics in Marketing This course is a generic shell course where specific projects can be undertaken such as for research students OR pilot runs of a new course can be trialed.