Office of Alumni Affairs

Office Of Alumni Affairs

The main focus of our office is to support Fisk University. Each donor has his or her own distinct reason for making a gift, and for that reason, various giving opportunities and designations exist. Moreover, because one's personal financial situation may change over time, gifts may take on various forms, from outright gifts of cash, to securities, or even tangible property like works of art. However you prefer to support the University, Fisk welcomes and appreciates your generosity.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts are of great value to Fisk because of their flexibility. These gifts allow the University to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest and to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise. Unrestricted gifts are typically used to offset costs associated with such things as financial aid, teaching innovations, research and equipment, and facilities. Your unrestricted gift will be expended during the fiscal year that you make the gift (Annual Fund).

Designated and Restricted Gifts

Gifts may also be designated to a specific program, group, or priority area at Fisk. These gifts allow the donor the satisfaction of supporting a program that has personal significance to him or her. Designated and restricted gifts may be labeled for current use or endowment, as well. Current use gifts provide funds in the short term and are expended during the fiscal year that you make the gift (Annual Fund), whereas endowment gifts are designed to provide financial security over a longer period of time.


Our Staff 

Sheila Smith
Associate Vice President for Alumni Development
Division of Institutional Advancement
Phone: 615-329-8710

Ways To Give

Credit Card Electronic Transfer

Credit Card

Fisk accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Credit Card Online
You can use our secure payment form to make an online donation.

Credit Card by Phone
Please call 615 329-8710. We will need your name, credit card number and expiration date, street address and ZIP code. While on the phone, be sure to update your contact information.

Credit Card by Mail
Please send your credit card number, expiration date, a daytime phone number, and instructions on your gift intent to:

Fisk University
Office of Advancement Services
Division of Institutional Advancement
1000 17th Ave N.
Nashville, TN 37208

Electronic Transfer

With an electronic fund transfer (EFT) you can make a gift to Fisk without the hassle of writing a check, paying postage or receiving a reminder. You can enjoy the convenience and reliability of having your bank forward your monthly gift to Fisk. It saves the effort of sending gifts through the mail on a regular basis and eliminates costs that Fisk would expend on pledge reminders, postage and other administrative costs. It puts your gift to work quickly and easily.

Check Or Money Order

To send a gift via check or money order, please make check payable to Fisk University and mail to:

Fisk University
Office of Advancement Services
Division of Institutional Advancement
1000 17th Ave. N.
Nashville, TN 37208

Marketable Securities

Utilizing marketable securities in your gift planning process may prove tremendously valuable to both you and Fisk. When considering what to give or how to fulfill a pledge, stock that has appreciated in value can be a very appealing option. Gifting marketable securities may allow you avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation of the stock and allow you to receive an income tax deduction for the full market value of the stock(s) gifted.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is the integration of personal, financial and estate planning objectives with philanthropic dreams and charitable goals. The idea is to maximize efficiency and enhance benefits as you support Fisk University. Planned giving consists of gifts made both during and after your lifetime, and includes (but not limited to) making gifts utilizing wills, trusts, life insurance, marketable securities, real estate, and IRA’s or retirement plan assets.


Giving through your will in the form of a bequest is a popular planned gift strategy. Including Fisk as the beneficiary of your will may provide estate tax reduction and may allow you to make a more sizeable gift than you otherwise would have considered. As you plan your will, please consider making Fisk the beneficiary of part or all of your estate. Such gifts qualify for the unlimited charitable deduction at death and should be considered as a viable part of your overall estate planning process.

LIfe Insurance

One way to greatly increase the value of your gift to Fisk is to use the leverage of life insurance. You may make a gift of an existing policy or name Fisk as the beneficiary. Some donors make annual gifts to pay premiums on life insurance policies owned by and payable as beneficiary to Fisk. Life Insurance is a unique way to leverage a small premium payment into a typically much larger gift at your death.

IRA's and Retirement Plans

These assets are often times more valuable to use as a funding source than cash or other assets. Because most retirement plans and IRA's have not been taxed during the contribution and accumulation period, they are usually subject to both income and estate taxes. Giving IRA or retirement plan assets may provide significant tax advantages to you and your family. Using IRA assets to make a gift, for example, may reduce or eliminate income taxes on the use of those funds during your lifetime and bypass estate taxes at your death.

Real Estate

Many people make gifts of real estate to Fisk. Residential, commercial, or unimproved land can be given either outright or through the use of trusts. Utilizing a charitable remainder trust, for example, may allow you to gift appreciated real estate, receive an income stream for you or your family, reduce or eliminate capital gains tax, receive an income tax deduction, and make a gift to Fisk.