Today, Fisk University is excited to unveil its new logos. These refreshed designs follow the University’s successful website overhaul in the Spring, while also paying homage to Fisk’s illustrious history and bright future.

Fisk began this rebranding initiative over a year ago and in the process received much feedback from the entire University community. The University formed a rebranding committee that included students, faculty, staff, and alumni to ensure every decision included all of our constituents. After receiving all the feedback, Fisk enlisted the help of one of our many talented alumni to help develop a creative way to unveil the new logos. The video you see below was created by Fiskite-owned production company RPC Media.

“The new university logo honors the history and tradition of Fisk while moving us forward with a fresh and strong brand identity,” said University Interim President, Dr. Vann Newkirk Sr., “We worked collaboratively with students, alumni, faculty, and staff to design logos that visually represent Fisk,” said Newkirk.

The new logos were officially unveiled online today. Signage and iconography across campus will be slowly updated and replaced with the new brand marks. As for the previous logo or seal, it will continue to be used for special occasions, events, and official communications. The seal will be utilized exclusively at commencement, on transcripts from the Registrar’s Office and communications from the Office of the President.

“An updated look is a request that we have heard for several years and feels now is the perfect time to unveil what we have been developing,” said Executive Vice President Dr. Jens Frederiksen. “When thinking about what we wanted our new logo to portray, we knew it needed to be unique to Fisk and powerfully represent our community. We believe the new logo effectively depicts that feeling of the “Fisk Family.”

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Fisk University Brand Refresh FAQ

  1. Why now?  

The higher education landscape is continuously changing, which creates stiff competition when recruiting top-tier students. Fisk University wants to focus on a vibrant future and new brand marks show clear signs of vitality while still paying homage to its past. New brand marks will help in policing and reclaiming the licensing of logos to ensure our brand standards are always upheld.  Over the last decade or so the University has seen a variation of collegiate logos and athletic logos which has led to poor brand consistency and general confusion. Our new logos allow us to create the same level of recognition that people have when they hear the name Fisk University as they do when they see our logos. This will be beneficial to all University efforts from recruiting to advancement- a strong recognizable brand is key for a successful future.

  1. What happened to the old logo? 

When referring to the old logo we understand most people correlate that with our University Seal which has been featured prominently in our promotional material for years. However, because of the variation in logos over the last decade or so the University began using our official seal as a logo, which is something we will move away from with our new marks. Moving forward we will continue to use the University Seal but, only for the proper offices and occasions. You will still be able to see the University Seal during special University events such as commencement, convocations, and on University transcripts, as well as, communications from the Office of the President.

  1. Have the colors changed? 

The university colors have experienced the same inconsistency as our logos over the years ranging from many different shades and tones of blue and gold allowing too much room for error. The new university colors may feel old to some, as we discovered in our research that years ago the University used a true navy and gold color which has now transformed into the lighter blue and brownish-gold that we have used more recently. In staying true to Fisk’s roots, we have updated the university colors to a regal Navy Blue and a Truer Gold. These colors honor our history of being the gold and blue while creating a fresh look that is clear and recognizable