Attendance Verification

Procedures for entering Class Attendance via Banner Faculty Web Services

Overview:  The Registrar’s Office is collecting periodic attendance data through the use of the Banner Faculty Web Services Mid-Term Worksheet.  We are asking faculty to use this online form by entering class attendance data at several key times  during the semester.  We will use the same Mid-Term grade entry fields, but use indicators of whether a student is Currently Attending class or Not Attending class by way of the abbreviations CA and NA.  Once the information is entered the first time, it will remain (until midterms) so it is easy to just update it when there are status changes later in the semester.  We hope that you will find this an easier way to enter this data; it will certainly help for efficient analysis and application of the data.


  1. Logon to Banner Faculty Web Services using your usual faculty ID and PIN number.  Go to Fisk’s general website under the Faculty/Staff link; then look for the link to Banner Web Services click on Banner Self Service.
  2. Once at the logon screen, enter your Banner ID and PIN number.  If you do not yet have an ID and PIN number, check with the ITS helpdesk at 329-8693.  New faculty can try their ID and use their birth date as the PIN (e.g., 052152); this is the default.
  3. If the Logon is successful, the next screen is the menu for Banner Web Services.  Click on Faculty Services.
  4. This takes you to the Faculty & Advisors Menu.  Select Enter Mid-Term Grades, which will bring up the Select Term page.  Select appropriate term (it will probably be the default) and click on the Submit button.
  5. The Select CRN page has a drop-down box where you can select one of your courses.  Once a course is selected, click on the Submit button.  Your course should appear, with a line for each registered student.  
  6. Two fields are being used for each student to report attendance.  The first field, under the column heading Grade, should be used to select one of two entries from the drop down list of “Grades”.  These are:
    •  CA (Currently Attending) and NA (Not Attending)

    • Use CA for students who appear to be participating in the class by their attendance, even if they missed the day you last took attendance.

    • Use NA for students who have never attended class, or who seem to have stopped attending after a period of attendance. 

  7. If a student is Not Attending (NA), please complete the Last Attend Date field as best you can.  Leave it blank if the student has never attended class.  Note: If entering mid-term grades, acceptable grades for mid-term are A, B, C, D, E (with + or - if necessary) and NA.
  8. When all the students’ entries have been completed, click the Submit button at the bottom of the list; return to the Select CRN page, and repeat for your remaining class sections.  Exit when finished.   If you can’t finish in one session, make sure you click the Submit button at the bottom of the Grade Worksheet so you don’t lose your work.

The goal of this attendance checking process is to gather information about students who registered but never attended classes, or dropped out sometime during the semester.  This will help us to satisfy our legal obligation to track student attendance at the university so we can return all or part of their federal financial aid, as appropriate.  The cooperation of all faculty members is important, since collecting data from all sections means we can run a data screen to indicate whether a pattern of non-attendance shows a student has informally withdrawn from the university.  Having the data in an electronic format will aid greatly in the reliability and timeliness of our analysis for each student.  When we are unsure of how long a student attended classes during the semester, we often have to return all of the student’s federal aid, even though the student may have attended long enough to receive the full federal aid package.