Sherri Bond Rucker


Sherri Bond Rucker is a professional Executive Assistant with 25 years of experience working for C-Level Executives and Board members at two private universities in Tennessee. She has worked for seven Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), six Presidents, one Chancellor, one Vice Chancellor, many Board Chairpersons and Board Members, and many visiting VIPs at both universities. Sherri was employed at Vanderbilt University for 10 years and has worked at Fisk University for 15 years.

Sherri earned her B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice at Tennessee State University in 1990. After graduating, she began her career at Vanderbilt University in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Relations and General Counsel. In 1992, Sherri was contacted by the Executive Assistant to the Chancellor at Vanderbilt University and offered the Executive Secretary position in the Office of the Chancellor.  She accepted the Executive Secretary position and worked in the Chancellor’s Office for 8 years. In 2000, the Chancellor retired after 18 years of service to Vanderbilt University and the new administration brought in all new staff in that office.  After taking almost 4 months off, Sherri began to search for another job and landed at Fisk University, working in the Office of the President. On September 11, 2015, Sherri celebrated her 15th year at Fisk.  She has worked for five Fisk Presidents: Dr. John L. Smith, Jr. (2000-2001); Dr. Carolynn Reid-Wallace (2001-2003); Dr. Charles R. Fuget (Interim President, 2004); The Honorable Hazel R. O’Leary (2004-2013), until her retirement; Dr. H. James Williams (2013-2015).   Currently, Sherri works for her sixth President, Frank L. Sims (2015-).  

Sherri is married to Timothy E. Rucker and they have two adult daughters and one granddaughter.

Sherri Bond Rucker
Executive Assistant to the President and Assistant Secretary to the Board

B.S., Criminal Justice, Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee

Cravath Hall, 309A
Office of the President
1000 17th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208

Office: 615.329.8555