Glenroy (Dean) Martin


Our research program is focused on the isolation of bioactive natural products from terrestrial and marine sources. In particular, we are interested in natural products that possess antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities. We incorporate a multidiscipline approach with students possessing skills in the areas of molecular biology, microbiology and chemistry. 

Current Projects

Marine Natural Products

Potent bioactive compounds are isolated from marine microbes from ocean sediments as well as those that are associated with marine invertebrates such as sponges, soft corals and tunicates. The pure microbial isolates are identified via molecular taxonomy and those which display good anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and/or antitumor activities are grown in large scale liquid fermentations. The extracts from these fermentations are purified on silica gel and HPLC to afford pure compounds. The characterization of these compounds (including their relative and absolute stereochemistry determination) is accomplished through one- and two- dimensional NMR as well as other spectroscopic and chemical means. The semi-synthesis and optimization of lead bioactive compounds are conducted by chemical and biochemical means where possible.


Biologically active analogs are generated by the microbial bioconversion of the parent congeners via a variety of fungi. Presently, the biotransformation of the chemopreventive agent curcumin and the anticancer compound formestane by the microorganisms Rhizopus oryzae and Beauveria bassiana are under investigation.

Recent Publications:

Martin, Glenroy D. A., McKenzie, Cameron, Moore, Monica. Synthesis and Bioconversion of Curcumin Analogs. Natural Products Communication 2017, 12, 559-562.

Martin, Glenroy D. A., Christensen, Anna M. Identification and bioactive potential of marine microorganisms from selected Florida coastal areas. MicrobiologyOpen 2017, 1-10.

Martin, Glenroy D. A., Narvaez, Javier, Bulmer, Rachel Durrant, Marcus. Biotransformation and molecular docking studies of aromatase inhibitors. Steroids 2016, 113, 95-102.

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Martin, Glenroy D. A. Review: Biotransformation reactions by Rhizopus spp. Current Organic Chemistry 2010, 14, 1-14.

Dean Martin

Glenroy (Dean) Martin
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Florida Atlantic University, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Postdoctoral Research Scholar
University of the West Indies, Jamaica, WI, Ph.D.
University of the West Indies, Jamaica, WI, B.S.


Fisk University
306 Talley Brady
Nashville, TN 37208
Phone:  615.329.8781