David Popkin,  Ph.D


Dr. Popkin has a wide range of interests, having taught many differnt courses in English, American and world literature. He also enjoys teaching interdisciplinary courses whose components are literature, history, religion and philosophy. In the Honors Program he has taught a variety of courses, such as Meditation, Buddhism, and Natural History.


Current research interests are etymology, vocabulary development, and biblical literature.

Books Published

Popkin, David. Vocabulary Energizers. Nashville: Hada Publications, 1988.

Popkin, David. Vocabulary Energizers II. Nashville: Hada Publications, 1990.

Popkin, David. Vocabulary Power Through Shakespeare. Hada Publications,2002.

David Popkin
Associate Professor of English

BA in English, State University of New York at Binghamton
MA in English, University of California, Santa Barbara
PhD n English, Pennsylvania State University

Park Johnson Hall